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My interest in photography began very early, while I was in my teens. Almost from the start, I was mesmerized by the confluence of art and technology. Somehow photography appealed both to the scientist in me (as science had been an early childhood interest) and the artist in me (which I hadn't known even existed at that time). The appeal in particular was then, and is still now, the ability to simplify and distill the world into visually pleasing, graphic images.

Early influences included images by Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and Walker Evans and many others. As a young adult I attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City and later worked as a photographer's assistant to several photographers, although one in particular (John Paul Buddy Endress) proved to be a true mentor, not only in the ways of photography but the ways of life.

In my late twenties and early thirties I operated my own commercial photography studio in New York City, primarily shooting large format table top still life imagery. But life takes it's strange turns and during this period I started another business which was financially more rewarding than the photography business, and I chose to take a different path, leaving the commercial photography business behind. Photography became more a hobby during my mid-life - I continued to shoot - but only for myself.

And now, nearly 50 years after that first spark of interest has come a renewed passion for creativity - and with it a new period of productivity, in part brought on by changes in technology - especially the ability to produce beautiful prints with today's high-end inkjet printers producing images as good as (and as durable as) earlier silver-based prints.